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Hello all! + Doujin scans

Heyz! Figured that I might as well stop being a lurker and join here now that I'm not such a new comer to the fandom. :B And I come bearing the gift of scanned yaoi doujinshi! XD I bought the first two volumes of 'Agent Orange' and the stand alone 'Hotel California', both by 99%Water and both featuring the KiriJa pairing. <3

They're untranslated as of yet, partially because I'm too busy to track anyone down on the internet. .___. (If anyone could translate the kanji I'd be willing to do all of the editing and such~ :D)But anyway, I hope someone enjoys them!

They be hosted here ---> Shiny Metal Dragons Scans WARNING: Ahaha, it's a yaoi doujin. There is absolutely adult non-worksafe content.

*hides in a box*
Tags: character: black jack, character: kiriko
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