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Young Black Jack Anime!!*o* *cries*
It's finally happened!! I am so excited!! I just found out the news today!<3
(My body is ready)

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With an anime coming that means there is a really good change the manga series will be licensed and translated? I can't wait though....I think I'm going to order the series with help from a proxy service.<3 I've been so curious about the manga for a long time.
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Vertical Inc Black Jack mangas

I was wondering if anyone knew alot about the mangas released by Vertical inc. I'm curious because I remember reading that a few of the manga contained chapters that where never released after being banned from Japan. Which Manga books where these? I see some mangas marked for really high and I can't really tell the difference. Thanks in advance. ;_;

(btw My presentation on BlackJack turned out to be a success! So happy I got to be able to do a character I liked! ;v;)

Game Developer making Black Jack mobile-ish. . in a way. =P

Hey Black Jack Fans,

I want to first apologize that I am in a little bit of a rush, because it's quite busy for me this week.

I want to introduce myself as a game developer and I am creating a game that is inspired from the Black Jack series. It's a puzzle game for iOS and Android and we want to do everything we can to make it awesome. Actually, we already have the game on Facebook for you to play around with. It would be amazing if you guys could play it and send some feedback back on here for me. Just search for "Dr. Jimjack" (We changed the name to "Jimjack" for legal reasons) on Facebook and you'll find the game and you'll also see a page for the game. Please let me know what you think of it and how can we improve the game in all aspects! This game is obviously not for kids, although it looks like it. I know that some of you will be disappointed and possibly offended if you do see the game. I have to say this because I remember when that idiot director decided to create a movie of The Last Airbender cartoon series that I loved so much and the movie totally offended me in the first few seconds. I hope you all don't think this way but I know some will. Thank you all for your time and understanding =] I'm Simon, and I'll be waiting your responses!

There is one more thing:

We want to create a genius PVP mode, although there is one, we want to know how we could make an awesome one. Please let me know what you all think =]


I'm so glad this community exists! everyone who likes manga should be required to read the black jack series, it should be a requirement!

wow, I haven't posted on LJ in a long time, hope i remember how to do this correctly >.<

Title: Pinoko's WIsh
Author: carmencaracol
Genre: Drama / Romance / Magical Realism
Pairing: Black Jack / Adult!Pinoko
Rating: Explicit (by standards) / Mature (by standards) / NC17 (if it were a film lol)
Spoilers: Yes
World/Verse: Manga (I haven't seen the anime)
Status: Almost-complete (3 out of 4 chapters done)
Warnings: Language, Sexual Content, Fluff, Graphic Description of Bodily Processes (wouldn't be a BJ fic if there weren't!) and Pinoko's Temper :)
Author's Note: There is no trace of underage sex / attraction in this fic. Everyone (meaning Pinoko) is over 18!

Ch. 1: link

Ch. 2: link

Ch. 3: link

Having arrived at the land of my dreams;

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Anime Sols Launches Black Friday Double Up Promotion

This will be the chance for Black Jack to meet it’s goal. Even $5 and $10 will be important during Black Friday weekend. So everybody start pledging on Friday and spread the word by reblogging!
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Come on, everybody, there's just a few, short days left before time runs out for the second Black Jack DVD Box Set, help support its release now!